Lectio Divina Small Groups

After our men’s conference in March, where over 400 men gathered in the Diocese of Green Bay to delve into John Edwards’ faith journey, engage with panelists, and participate in small group breakouts, the fire of enthusiasm for spiritual growth was ignited. Bishop Ricken’s call to share the teachings of Jesus with those closest to us prompted nearly everyone to stand up in commitment.

Esto Vir is leading the charge in spreading the message of Jesus within our families and communities. The entire process begins with scripture study through Lectio Divina (Divine Reading), followed by personal formation and leadership training to empower men to establish their own small groups, fostering spiritual multiplication. This replicable process is accessible to any man.

As part of your discernment, join us for a scripture study session led by one of our Missionary Leaders to explore if this path resonates with you. We have found that it is important for men to take time to experience this together and see how it fits in your current state of life. Whether you’re seeking to stoke the flames of your existing passion or looking to reignite your spiritual journey, take the step forward now. Select an upcoming date and time that fits with your schedule and the leader will reach out with the location details based on capacity.

May God Bless you!

Want to know more right now? Download the Esto Vir Lectio Divina Prayer Card here.